I want you to feel comfortable opening up to your fears and reservations and gaining independence and confidence in your ability To weAther the storms in your life.

Areas of Expertise

Hire me because I am open, flexible, and authentic to what you value. I will share in your sadness, frustration, joy, and delight. Together we will help you discover your true self and help you define your voice. You will leave feeling relief, hope, and clarity in how to define the life that you would like to share.

Birth & Postpartum Services

Pregnancy and the fourth trimester is a profound time in a woman’s life.

Mothers are under intense pressure to fall in love instantly, know everything about caring for an infant and maintain social standards that are unprecedented. Motherhood can be an amazing transition but for many, while many of us are grappling with challenges in secret. Counseling can offer help to transition, recover, renew, and find acceptance in this new direction. Individual sessions are weekly or biweekly based on your needs and availability. 


Miscarriage, Stillbirth,
& Infant Death Services

Every year in the United States, nearly 1 million women experience pregnancy loss. In the US one baby is stillborn every 40 minutes. 

Some women experience depression, anxiety, altered family and social relationships, and emotional and physical symptoms of grief. Those who experience such distressing symptoms often reach out to others for support and comfort. However, many perinatally bereaved women have reported that their grief was not adequately recognized by friends or family members, which leaves them feeling emotionally isolated. Katherine offers specialized counseling for people suffering from one or more miscarriages, stillbirth, pregnancy complications, fetal anomalies, medical termination, and premature delivery.


More Information

My therapeutic group style is to bring together bereaved parents to build community, support, to form healthy attachments to their deceased and rainbow pregnancy. Together we will discover your path to healing and collaborate on resilient skills and techniques for transitioning into motherhood. Groups are currently running now.

Support Groups

Support Groups


Katherine speaks, trains, and consults across the United States, as one of the early pioneers in perinatal loss and bereavement. Her profile includes keynoting conferences, facilitating workshops and all-day seminars, speaking at support groups, mentoring, one-on-one support, and training peer counselors, religious leaders, funeral directors, and others on grief and loss.

She is available to consult with hospitals, funeral homes, support groups, religious institutions, workplaces, and others to help develop or enhance programs to give wise, compassionate care and support families in crisis when a baby or child dies. Miscarriage, stillbirth, NICU losses, and sudden infant death along with child loss and general bereavement are her areas of expertise. She also trains professionals and supports parents experiencing fragile pregnancies and abnormal diagnoses, offering palliative care and networking assistance.


Katherine has presented at workshops on childbearing loss and general bereavement to national, regional, and local groups referring to the Resolve Through Sharing® (RTS) model of the Perinatal Loss Bereavement model.

RTS holds the "gold standard" in bereavement training using evidence-based knowledge and awareness that ensures consistent care at every point of entry throughout a healthcare facility, improves the patient experience. Resolve Through Sharing® (RTS) is a not-for-profit organization providing thought leadership, and an evidence-based yet compassion-first approach to bereavement care. RTS offers grief support materials and industry-leading comprehensive perinatal, neonatal, pediatric, and adult death bereavement training to healthcare professionals globally, to help provide family-centered care to patients and families experiencing loss through dying and death.

After having my first daughter, I struggled with both postpartum depression and anxiety. It took me months to seek help and I am so thankful I found Katherine when I did. She helped me through one of the hardest periods of my life as I transitioned into motherhood and has been an invaluable resource for me ever since. She is fantastic and I only wish I had reached out to her sooner

Our new home has brought us so much joy and comfort. We couldn't have done it without Lita Grey's expertise. 

- Vita Emerald

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