I aim to meet you where you are in your transition

Whether you're sad, lonely, anxious, lost....I hope that together we can find a way out of the "hole" towards hope, relief, love, and light...aiming for you to feel your voice can be spoken and heard, your ideas are embraced, you can handle the hard stuff, you can connect without fear and you are able to stand tall and proud of the "hole you climbed out of".



Hello there.
I'm Katherine

I have over 20 years of birth, death, and parenting experience which enhances our ability to find the best solution to your transitional dilemma. Together we can sift through the evidence-based interventions and clinical recommendations to find the best path for your family. As a professional therapist, I use theory, interventions, and listening skills to help you guide yourself in your persona and value-driven direction.

I enjoy growing with my clients, watching them discover their voice, find their wings and taking chances that increase their capacity to experience life.

Afterwards I struggled with milk production, traumatic bereavement, postpartum anxiety/depression and social isolation. The stigma was unbearable. After my 4th child was born and the symptoms continued I learned that if I had a doula/support and mental health care my symptoms would decrease. I needed to work and found my training as a Birth and postpartum doula rewarding and as a way to be a present mother to my children. Journey that no woman need to walk alone. I found myself wanting to support mothers and infants in the most effective manner that would be economical for themselves and billable under insurance, hence getting my MS in Clinical Mental Health.

In 2005 our third child Helen was stillborn at full-term, no one ever talked about stillbirth and how to recognize the warning signs.

I work with individuals to discover their strengths, build resilience, and manage difficult life transitions. I am here to help you find your path. As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, I practice therapy using Narrative therapy, Resilient Grieving, and Attachment theory. She is a Certified Perinatal Loss Care (CPLC®) provider and Certified in Attachment with Circle of Security. Our shared goal is for you to grow and engage in discovering the healing and joy in your life.

Katherine Hyde-Hensley is a psychotherapist and group facilitator skilled in birth trauma, maternal-infant mental health, and family resilience.




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Her profile includes keynoting conferences, facilitating workshops and all-day seminars, speaking at support groups, mentoring, one-on-one support, and training peer counselors, religious leaders, funeral directors, and others on grief and loss.

She is available to consult with hospitals, funeral homes, support groups, religious institutions, workplaces, and others to help develop or enhance programs to give wise, compassionate care and support families in crisis when a baby or child dies. Miscarriage, stillbirth, NICU losses, and sudden infant death along with child loss and bereavement are her areas of expertise. She also trains professionals and supports parents experiencing fragile pregnancies and abnormal diagnoses, offering palliative care and access to resources.

Katherine speaks, trains, and consults across the United States, as one of the early pioneers in perinatal loss and bereavement.



We have a lot in common, you and I. We have rebellious spirits & compassionate hearts, searching for something more, something deeper, something more beautiful.


I warmly invite you to take the leap of faith and 
get in touch. Let's find out what's possible together.