Slide Find acceptance and empower your inner ability to thrive through transitions. Together we will honor your unique life journey to hearyour voice and find your true path. SEE HOW WE CAN HELP

I can help you find

Healing • Clarity • Stability • Resolve • Healthy Relationships • Trust in your Family • Forgiveness

I can help you find

Healing • Clarity • Stability • Resolve • Healthy Relationships • Trust in your Family • Forgiveness

Meet Katherine

I work with individuals to discover their strengths, build resilience, and manage difficult life transitions. I am here to help you find your path. I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor I practice using a Modern Psychoanalytic process combined with Narrative therapy, Resilient Grieving, and Physiological Hope theory. Together you will grow and become more engaged in discovering the profound meaning in your life.


We will work together to seek a renewed understanding of your life changes movingtowards acceptance.

Individual Counseling

Life transforms are stressful. Common reactions include fight, flight, or freeze in the situation causing us to feel stuck in the fog. Counseling can offer help to transition, recover, renew, and find acceptance in this new direction. I will guide you through the journey offering clarity, forgiveness, and personal growth. Together we will explore your individual needs by exploring together through the fog and confusion seeking resilience and clarity.


Family Systems Counseling

Families are unique, resilient, and complex, no matter how we came to call ourselves a family system. Families experience joy and adventure as well as anxiety and disappointment. A family is more than the individuals who are present, they affect each other in how we respond to relationships, communication, and connection. Family coaching focuses on improving one’s functioning in a manner that is both healing and protective of future generations.


Grief Support Group

Grief is a unique and individual experience that calls for respect and support. While mourning is a very private experience, the bereaved can thrive through a shared process with others. Mourning is an active process; the bereaved need to find meaning in their loss and understand the impact of this significant death in their life.


We also offer workshops, continuing education and consultation.

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